Crowdlending: Peer to peer lending platforms. Google Play

If you need a loan or if you would like to invest and lend your money, you must know p2p lending platforms. This application offers links to more than 100 crowdlending websites.

There are different kind of platforms, from micro credits for people of emerging economies to factoring on small and medium-sized enterprises, personal loans, lower cost loans to businesses and, even, mortgages.

This is a global tendency, a different approach to banking that is interesting to know.

Domestic credit to private sector is about an average of 130% GDP in the world, that is,  US$78.28 trillion in nominal terms in 2014. Platforms of p2p lending have an small but increasing portion of all that amount.  
You can borrow or lend money in a p2p lending platform from a country different of yours.

If you enter nine figures from balance sheet and income statement of a company, you get twelve basic ratios about debt, liquidity and solvency, that you can use to decide about your lending activity in p2p lending platforms. These platforms also have external and internal experts to evaluate loans.