This application allows you do simple accounts with your voice, avoiding write all the quantities.

To enter a sentence you must press the microphone button, pronounce the word and, then, make a pause to mark the end of the command.

The sentences can be:

- A quantity, per example, 120.

- A command to indicate the operation that must be done: "Add", "Subtract", "Multiply" and "Divide".

This command indicate that the accumulated quantity until this moment, it will be added (subtracted, multiplied or divided) to the quantity that must be entered as the following command.

If you do not say any of these commands, the default operation will be an addition.

- Sometimes you would like multiplying by a number different to the accumulated quantity ("Elements"). This happens when shopping. Per example, 4 packages of 20$. You must give these four sentences:





The result, 80, will be added (subtracted) to the accumulated quantity.

- You have a voice command that read the contents of the screen, all the account ("Listen").

- To delete all the data and start a new account you have to say the word "Init".

If you say the words "help", you will listen all the valid voice commands.

In the bar menu, there is an option to send the account by email.

If you would like entering decimal numbers, pronounce the quantity before the decimal point, the word "point" and, after it, the quantity that follow the decimal point. Then, you must make a pause to mark the end of the sentence.