Expressions and terms. Learn math expressions:  interact with devices with your voice. Google Play

You have an special and big button at the bottom of the screen to use your VOICE to ask for an option or answer a question.

On the left of the screen there are 11 buttons to do the same things as you can do with analogous voice commands. The ten first buttons, EXPRESSION, TERM, POLYNOMIAL, etc. show  basic concepts on the screen that you can listen them, as well, thank to text to speech feature. The last button, PROBLEMS, displays a problem that you must answer and visualizes an space to write your answer and another button, CHECK, that you must press later to know if your answer is right. Instead of use this tactile interface, you can press the VOICE  button to say the answer using your voice.

In addition of the commented buttons, you can use two voice commands that don't have an equivalent button:

HELP. Press the voice button and say "help" and you can listen the complete list of the VOICE COMMANDS.

SCORE.  Press the voice button and say "score" to set this to zero.

You can mix tactile and voice interfaces to your convenience.

The possibility of interact with the voice is a great incentive to children and improves learning of children who don't read or don't write correctly or children with some vision difficulty.

Internet connexion is needed.