Addition tables. Google Play
Count from 1 to 20 is all you need to learn addition arithmetic tables. This application help your learning.

The button of TABLE OF 1 shows table of 1, TABLE OF 2 shows table of 2 and so on.

The PROBLEMS button generates a random question about the last table used  and visualizes a CHECK button beside an space to place your answer.

The CHECK button must be pressed to know if your answer is right.

The interface include text to speech.

On the screen bottom there is a button to interact with the voice. This feature improves learning of children who don't read or don't write correctly and children with some vision difficulty.

The voice commands are:

HELP to listen the commands that can be used by voice.

TABLE OF 1 to listen the table of 1.

TABLE OF 2, TABLE OF 3 ... TABLE OF 10 are similar.

PROBLEMS to listen a question about the last table used. To answer this question you must press the VOICE button again and say the answer.

ALL OF THEM to listen a question about any of the ten addition tables.

BEGINNING to listen how to count 1, 2 and .. (You must press VOICE button and say 3). Next time you ask for BEGINNING you listen 1,2,3 and .. and so on until 20.

COUNTING ask you to count three number, as 1, 2 and ... (your answer 3), beginning in any number.

SCORE to set the score to zero.

The last four commands don't have an equivalent button and only can be used by VOICE.

The possibility of interact with the voice is a great incentive to children.

Internet connexion is needed.